Prior to the building becoming a squash club it was part of St Paul’s Parish, based
on a church in Edgware Road (where St Aldhelm’s Chapel and the Rainbow Bookshop
now stand) and was used as a Youth Club which included badminton in its activities.

It was later leased by the church to an Irish Club, but they lost their alcohol licence
for selling to under-age customers…!




The original Wessex Squash Club was founded by Alan Beard of E.W. Beard Ltd who
recognised the potential of the location and the appeal of squash. Alan entered into a
20-year lease, built the courts, formed the changing rooms and added a first floor to form
the bar above.

The club was formally opened by the Mayor of Thamesdown on 18 April 1977.

The club was so popular that members were given a guarantee the club would be limited to a
maximum of 265 members to prevent it becoming too difficult to book a court.

The club thrived, particularly under the direction of Tony Munslow and the club regularly
entered five men’s and two ladies’ teams in the Wiltshire Squash Leagues.


During the mid-eighties membership numbers declined as jogging became the rage
– it was new and it was cheaper.

As the decade rolled on squash became “that game that dad plays” and
the attraction to the younger generation seemed to all but evaporate.

Furthermore in 1992 resident parking was introduced in the area.
Residents had votes in the ward, squash players didn’t, and the club lost out.

Shortly afterwards the lease was transferred to one of the club members at the time,
and after first deciding to dispense with the club’s squash pro the owner later abandoned the club.


In 1997 a noble trio of members took over the helm and the Wessex Squash Club
has been run ever since as a members club with licensed bar.

The walls were re-plastered, the hardwood floors were renewed and the club was revived.
To this day, our members remain thankful to those three members for their continued time
and devotion to the welfare of the club.

In 2007 the club celebrated its first ten years as a members run club
and expanded to include racketball.

In 2017 the club celebrated its 40 year aniversary





In 2012 the club launched its new website and introduced
an online booking system which members now use to book
squash courts whenever and wherever they are.

The club regularly enters teams in the Wiltshire Squash League
and also hosts a number of prestigious local squash tournaments.


The Wessex Squash Club has members of all ages and abilities – everyone is welcome!

If you’re interested in joining see our membership page for more information
or contact us if you have any questions – we’d love to hear from you.