Adult Peak Membership £35 pm

Adult Off-Peak* Membership £23 pm

Peak Family membership* £53 pm

Junior (under 19)* £15 pm

Student membership* £23 pm(at college or university full time)

Company / corporate memberships are available on request.

Membership fees are fully inclusive, with no contract, the club would like one month notice for termination. There are no other fees bar a joining fee of £20 which covers a door entry fob and England squash affiliation.

Please contact the membership secretary at info@wessexsquashclub.co.uk.



Off-peak court times are before 5:20pm and after 8:40pm on weekdays and any time at weekends.

Off-peak members must pay a £10 guest fee if they play during peak times.

Off-peak members cannot play a guest on a peak time court.


The guest fee is £7.50 per 40 minute court session.

Guest fees are to be paid for all courts – weekday, evenings and weekends.

A guest can only play with a paid-up member of the club and can only play on one peak time court.

To comply with licensing regulations ALL guests must be signed in on the guest sheet and their fees be paid before playing.



Prospective members must complete the membership form and supply a passport sized photo which should be emailed to the membership secretary (info@wessexsquashclub.co.uk) or placed in the membership form tray behind the bar at the club.

Two names & addresses for references must be given. If possible, one of these should be the name of a present member of the club or a contact of a previous squash club.

The membership secretary will contact you to confirm membership. At this point, payment for the first months fees and key fob  must be made by cheque (addressee ‘Wessex Squash Club’) or cash and left in the till behind the bar (please write details in the ‘members payment sheet’ by the till).

A standing order must be set up with your bank for the applicable monthly amount depending on membership type. (Bank & account details are on the form attached).

To obtain entry to the club, members will require a keyfob and the security code. These will be issued when membership has been granted and the first months fee and keyfob deposit have been received This code must never be given to non-members.  The keyfob remains the property of the club and must be returned to the club when membership ceases and the deposit will be refunded.  Note replacement keyfobs will incur a charge of £20.

Peak Hours courts are Weekdays between 5.20 pm and 8.40 pm.

To ensure maximum availability to all during these hours you cannot book consecutive courts during Peak hours, unless the second court is reserved 24hrs before the booking, you may however book an Off Peak court followed by a Peak hours court.

If you have booked a court and subsequently are unable to use it please cancel it so that it is available for another member to book.

To book courts you will need to use the online booking system at SportyHQ. When your membership has been accepted you will be sent further information.

If you wish to enter the internal leagues, put your name on the noticeboard outside Court One, indicating which league you wish to be placed in (if known, or ask for advice). A list of players and contact details can be found in the members section of the online booking website.


As the club is a members club and run ‘on trust’ the following procedures must be followed:

Members should ensure the club is secure at all times. It is important that the last person leaving the building ensures that all lights and fans are turned off together with locking the front door.  Members should ensure that they leave the club in a clean and tidy condition, including disposing of used cans and bottles.

Drinks and other consumables must be paid for at the time of purchase using the till behind the bar, and details of all purchases recorded accurately on the sheet.

Drinks glasses are not permitted on the ground floor of the club under any circumstances. All glasses used in the bar should be washed up after use.

Paper or plastic cups should be used for drinks during the game and should be disposed of after the game, and reusable plastic cups washed up.

Inform the Membership Secretary (info@wessexsquashclub.co.uk) if any of your contact details change, or you wish to stop your membership.

In exceptional circumstances membership and fees can be suspended for short periods.